Travel Bylaws for the RVA Beard League

In an effort to spread a positive image of facial hair it is part of the RVA Beard Leagues mission to travel to events outside of Richmond. Traveling to these events contributes to our mission in three ways:


Eligible Events

    A. An event is deemed Eligible for travel funds by the officers at a business meeting no less than two meetings before the event.

    B. If an event is scheduled less than 2 months before it occurs the officers can decide its eligibility outside of a stated business meeting.

    C. An event must have a minimum of 4 members of the RVA Beard League attending to be eligible for travel funds.

    D. Members must be traveling together.

    E. Funds are intended for travel by car.


Travel Funds

    A. Funds for travel shall come from the RVA Beard League General Fund.

    B. The amount designated for a specific event shall be determined by the officers when an event is deemed eligible.

    C. The designated amount will be determined by the estimated cost of travel and lodging as well as the estimated number of members attending.

    D. Travel funds are intended to off-set cost for members but might not cover the entire cost of travel.


Member Eligibility

    A. In order to be eligible to receive travel funds a member must meet all of the following criteria within the 6 months preceding the event that funds are intended for:

        A member must have attended 6 RVA Beard League group activities

        (a) A member must have attended 2 RVA Beard League volunteer activities.

        (b) As a substitute for 1 volunteer activity, a member can attend 2 RVA Beard League weekly merch table activities for the full duration. This may be done only once within the 6 months preceding the event that funds are intended for. (Amended 9/10/14)

    B. If the RVA Beard League takes merchandise to an event that funds are intended for then each member receiving funds must spend a proportionate time selling merchandise unless they are otherwise assigned an alternate role. Alternate roles include but are not limited to, event photographer (RVA Beard League or Hosting Club) or event judge.

    C. Eligibility requirements can be waived by an officers vote. This is intended mainly for new members and should be used only in extreme cases for members who have been with the group for 6 months or longer.

    D. If a member is ineligible for travel funds they may pay a full, unsubsidized portion.


Funds Allocation

    A. Once the total cost for an event and the allocated travel funds are determined the remainder will be paid in advance by those receiving the funds.

    B. The individual remainder amount (IRA) will be determined by the remainder divided by the estimated number of members attending.

    C. The number of members eligible to receive funding will never exceed 8.

    D. Travel spots up to 8 members will be filled on a first come first serve basis.

    E. In order to reserve a travel spot an interested member must pay the IRA to the Travel Chair before the event.  (Amended 6/27/14)

    F. The IRA is non-refundable. In the instance that an eligible member has paid the IRA and full group of 4 or 8 is not achieved, then the IRA will be set aside only once each calendar year as a credit for use exclusively that calendar year. If it is not redeemed within that year, it is forfeited. As per Section D., no preference will be given for the next eligible event chosen. (Amended 6/27/14)

    G. If a member chooses not to attend one of two things will happen to their IRA:

        If another member is able to fill the spot they will also be required to pay the IRA and the original members IRA will be deposited in the general fund.

        If no substitute is found the IRA will still be used to fund travel.

    H. After the trip all travel and lodging receipts will be submitted to the treasurer who will then use the collected IRAs and travel funds to reimburse those members who submitted receipts.

    I. Reimbursements will not exceed predetermined travel expenses, members are reimbursed for travel based on the most direct route to an event as determined by Google Maps, as well as travel from lodging to the event or other “official” event activities.

    J. The option for a Friday departure is possible if the group of four eligible members riding together are in agreement.  The League can reserve the hotel rooms for both Friday and Saturday nights of an event, however the expense of the additional night will be divided evenly between those members leaving early. Reimbursement to the Travel Chair is required prior to departure. (Added 6/27/14)

    K. The option of an appropriately-sized rental car is available for any trip exceeding eight hours one-way, based on the most direct route to an event as determined by Google Maps. (Added 6/27/14)

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