We use the word “beard” often to mean not only a full faced beard, but facial hair in general. It’s a lazy shorthand, but more often than not, we’re referring to goatees, moustaches, full beards, and everything in between.

Tips for growing a beard:

  • Take good care of yourself. A healthy you grows a healthy beard.

  • Let it grow out for a solid month to 6 weeks. That way you know what you're working with.

  • Genetics plays a large role, and a full beard doesn't work for every face. There's an entire spectrum of facial hair options. Go with what suits you best -- a crappy beard with a great moustache doesn't do anyone any favors.

  • Summertime beards are just as awesome. They're kind of like Panama or Straw Hats -- they keep the sun from beating down on your face, and can let the breeze right on through to cool you off.

Tips for maintaining a beard:

  • Conditioner is your friend.

  • Measure twice, cut once.