– Putting the HAIR in CHARITY since 2011 –

JOIN US APRIL 20th for the charity Mid-Atlantic Beard & 'Stache Championships 10 Beard Prom, an OPEN TO ALL charity event! 

We’re a 501(c)(3) social volunteer group representing Richmond, VA & improving our hometown through the 3 C’s of:

Community Service

Volunteering at the Richmond SPCA | RVABL Volunteering 

Charitable Fundraising

Presenting a check for $20,430 raised at the Mid-Atlantic Beard & 'Stache Championships VI to Richmond's own Pink Ink Fund | RVABL Fundraising 

and Camaraderie!

Our monthly Pub Night, held every Second Monday of the month at Station 2 | RVABL Social Outings 

We’re a social community service organization here to make Richmond an even better place to live. Supporting our hometown and local charities is what we do best.

All are welcome to join the RVA Beard League. Membership is open to all bipedal mammals who support facial hair, including the (in)voluntarily clean shaven. We proudly sport facial hair and believe that any guy who can grow it, should. Whether short or long, represent and grow whatever suits you best — that's all we ask.

It doesn't stop at guys, either. Our girlfriends, wives, and other crafty ladies use their imaginations and glue guns to create fun, creative and realistic beard and moustache styles and plan the occasional gals night out. There are plenty of exclusions in the world, and we'd rather bring together the people of Richmond with a common interest to make RVA a great place.

Awesome. Now What?

Join in and come hang out at our events! We get together for social events, volunteer activities, and meetings throughout the month.

Simply put, we abide by and support the 3 Cs of: community service, charitable fundraising, and camaraderie. As a part of the greater national and international competitive bearding community (yes, there is such a thing), we want RVA and Virginia to be second to none.

Stay Updated

We use Facebook as our primary and most immediate way to spread the word, but aside from that there are several ways to follow, friend, and otherwise get a hold of us!


The RVA Beard League is an active member of the competitive charity-centric bearding community: