The RVA Beard League is proud to report that the 3rd Annual Mid-Atlantic Beard & 'Stache Championships raised an amazing $12,200 for Safe Harbor, a local shelter for survivors of sexual and domestic violence. Included in that figure is a generous donation of $500 from, a site dedicated to promoting beard groups, charity competitors and the philanthropic causes they support.

Remember to keep every last weekend of April open! We’re set for the Mid-Atlantic Beard and 'Stache Championships IV on April 25, 2015!

Group Shot from our May 2013 Pub Night
Hi there! Looks like you've found the home of the RVA Beard League! Don't read too much into our use of the word "beard". We use it as a simple shorthand for facial hair of all sorts. We're a social community service organization here to put a new face to the outdated negative stereotypes associated with facial hair. Supporting our hometown and local charities is what we do best. 

As one of the largest and most active facial hair clubs in the country, we represent Richmond as we travel around the U.S. supporting other clubs at charity beard competitions. The RVA Beard League is also proud to represent Virginia on the international scene as the most recent North American member of the World Beard and Moustache Association

All are welcome to join the RVA Beard League. Membership is open to all bipedal mammals who support facial hair, including the (in)voluntarily clean shaven.  We proudly sport facial hair and believe that any guy who can grow it, should. Whether short or long, represent and grow whatever suits you best — that's all we ask. 

It doesn't stop at guys, either. For our girlfriends, wives, and other crafty gals, there's the RVA Whiskerinas. They use their imaginations and glue guns to create fun, creative and realistic beard and moustache styles and plan the occasional girls night out. There are plenty of exclusions in the world, and we'd rather bring together the people of Richmond with a common interest to make RVA an even better place to live.

2013 Mid-Atlantic Championships
Awesome. Now What?

Sound like your thing? Then sign up here for your own member page and start showing up to events!  We all get together at locally-owned Station 2 on the second Monday of every month for Pub Night. They have a great selection of beers from PBR to local craft beers. After all, there’s no “beard” without “beer.”

We also get together for social events, volunteer activities and meetings throughout the month.  Check our calendar for more info on those, and upcoming moustache & beard events and competitions.

Simply put, we abide by and support the 3 Cs: community service, charitable fundraising, and camaraderie.  As a part of the greater national and international competitive bearding community (yes, there is such a thing), we want RVA and Virginia to be second to none.